Hi. Here, I talk about my research about search engines.
Nowadays, there's lots of different vertical search engines out there. In order for my search engine, SuperAI Search to evolve, I have been constantly updating my information on various information retrieval and deep learning techniques.
One big concentration I want to focus is summarization and compression of long text.
Even as screen of portable laptops and desktop computers evolve, it cannot beat the thousands of years old paper. Screens still give you eyestrains even with blue light reduction.
Shorter and more concise and to the point a summary can be, it will give attention to researchers and searchers that use the search engine. I will want to focus on summarization algorithms from 2018 onwards and get funding if possible in the future.
Artificiail Intelligence integration on search engines are still in early stage, and I believe there are still lots of grounds to improve. One idea is an artificial intelligence that keeps recognizing speech from the surrounding environment and displays relevant information. I remember there was this great app called MindMeld I used on iPad. MindMeld joined Cisco recently.
The next wave of information will not only be text but will come from video and voice. You can see this trend getting boosted by smart speakers from Amazon, Google and LINE.
This will mean more disk space will be needed and compression algorithms will also be beneficial for it will directly be affecting cost.
Updated 2018/4/24:
I envision a sort of a wall search engine that uses projector to display very big information space.
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