Welcome to stingraze’s Mobile Page.
Recently I’ve been using my Handheld PCs again. In specific, I am using Sigmarion 3, Jornada 720 and Jornada 690.
The backlight of Jornada 690 is a little dim, which I think is due to the age. Today (4/9/2022), I tried an demo version of PocketDOS, inspired by many people emulating it on mobile machines.
Here is the link to the YouTube video I took, which got a bit popular in Twitter. haha.
Today, the weather is very nice, and many people seem to be happy.
I checked some stuff about supercomputers on my Linux portable machine. It is good, and I used my iPhone XS as a WiFi hotspot for it.
For those who don’t know, there is a thead on HPC:Factor where you can still buy PocketDOS. Search for the thread in the forum section. Not too difficult to find.