Hi. Welcome to Tsubasa Kato's page on SuperAI.online.

I am the admin of SuperAI.online. I have been educated in international schools in Japan. I scored 990 on TOEIC (perfect score) in 2012, on my first attempt. I like to visit Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA once in a while to visit MIT and other places.
My interests include BOINC, supercomputing, parallel computing, Parallella, Sony Tablet P, handhelds and so on.
I build custom searchengines both in-house and for clients, and sell Japanese products online on eBay in my spare time.
I have liked analyzing the market since about 2005, and have been actively investing in the stock market since 2015.

I have various certificates from MIT Professional Education, MITx, HarvardX, NYIF. You can visit my LinkedIn profile here to see the list.

I believe education and language are one of the most important things in one's life. I continue to learn every day, and strive hard to achieve my goals. I have lived in Yokohama from 2 to 16, and in Tokyo from 16-19, in Kanagawa from 19 till now.
My favorite country is France, and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Normandy area and Paris in 2011 with my dad. Here's some pictures of the trip on my other site.

My research areas:

I was fortunate enough to travel to Cambridge / Boston USA in April 2018. I could visit places I couldn't go when I visited there in 2013. My favorite place was the Boston Public Library The library was very modern looking (in one area) and many people were studying and using laptops and computers.

I have started on making search engine since 2003, when I was 13 years old, and have been implementing and revising Mohawk Search since then. The Mohawk Search evolved to being the core of SuperAI Search. I like to think about new user interfaces of search engines, and implement it in a simple way.
My first programming language I learned was Visual Basic 6.0, next Perl. In recent years I have been working with PHP and Python a lot. In 2018, I have started MATLAB officially. I make some videos utilizing it and uploaded on my YouTube channel.

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