Hi. This is a page dedicated to stingraze's Windows Mobile.
My favorite smartphone is: HTC Tytn II / EMONSTER S11HT (I've been fortunate to own both).
Here's some photos I recovered from the past.
Updated on 3/5/2018

My first HTC Tytn II (Kaiser)
HTC Tytn II I bought back in 2017.

Advanced W-ZERO 3 es and HTC Tytn II

Advanced W-ZERO 3 es charging HTC Tytn II lol. I think this is the only picture on the internet showing it.

EMONSTER S11HT (by Emobile, now Softbank)

EMONSTER S11HT (Variant of HTC Tytn II

(C)Tsubasa Kato (stingraze) 2018

Contact tsubasa_kato@hotmail.com if you have a Windows Mobile / Windows CE / Zaurus / other rare Japanese PDA you would like to get hands on.
I will ship worldwide by registered airmail with tracking or by EMS with tracking and insurance.
Example devices: Sharp Zaurus SL-C series (Linux), Sigmarion (entire series), Emobile EM ONE, etc.
I can also provide English OS flashing / modding service for the Sharp Zaurus SL-C series.

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